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A cold shower to change the year

A cold shower to change the year

The new year should start with a cold shower for all southern Quebecers, while 5-10 mm of rain should fall on Quebecers’ heads on New Year’s Day.

In the case of the city, snow is expected to start as early as December 31, but precipitation is expected to change to rain on New Year’s Eve. An average of 5 mm of rain is currently expected in Montreal and surrounding areas.

On the Capitale-Nationale side, expect up to 10mm of rain on January 1st.

However, the temperature should reach a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius during the day in Quebec, versus 3 degrees in Montreal, according to Environment Canada.

To the north, the depression should leave a white blanket, with up to ten centimeters of snow expected in particular at Sagueni on Saturday. The snow should then reach eastern Quebec on Sunday.

In some areas, the temperature could be 5-7 degrees Celsius on January 1, 2022, explains Simon Legault, a meteorologist from Environment Canada.

However, it will be much colder on January 2, 2022. There will be a sharp change in temperature during the day.

According to a meteorologist, temperatures can range between -20 and -25 degrees Celsius until January 5, 2022.

In general, January promises to be especially cold in periods.

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