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A class action lawsuit has been approved in Quebec against Nintendo and its Joy-Con consoles

A class action lawsuit has been approved in Quebec against Nintendo and its Joy-Con consoles

Many Nintendo Switch console owners can attest to this: After a few months of wear and tear, their Joy-Con controllers suddenly make incorrect maneuvers, with no manual intervention. This phenomenon is called Joy Con Drift He is the subject of a class action lawsuit in Quebec that just got the green light.

The alleged evidence is abundant regarding the defendant’s knowledge [Nintendo] of phenomenon Joy Con Drift-You can read the Supreme Court ruling (A new window)published on Wednesday.

This order against the Japanese video game giant is an initiative of Kelly-Anne St-Laurent, a resident of Saint-Amable, who began having problems with a game console 11 months after purchasing it. His second pair of Joy-Cons suffered from the same defect, as did his Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Our customer is of the opinion that this defect seriously impairs the basic functions of the consoles and prevents them from using their console properly.Lambert Avocat inc. In 2021, when the class action lawsuit goes to the Supreme Court.

Possible hidden defect

The company defends the hidden defect and points out that the Japanese giant continues to sell its console without mentioning this problem.

Nintendo is required to pay $100 to each person in Quebec who purchases a Nintendo Switch console. It’s also claiming another $90 for each defective console, or up to $260 for Switch Lite owners, whose controllers are integrated into the portable console.

Known problem

Nintendo is looking for the problem. On his site you can find a help guide to work around the defect (A new window). Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa even apologized in 2020 for this during a conference call with investors.

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Other class-action lawsuits have been initiated elsewhere in the world for the same issue, notably in the United States and France.

According to Nintendo, users in Europe have been able to get their consoles repaired for free since April.

Gamers in the United States had less success, as the class action lawsuit was dismissed due to a clause in the console’s terms of use that prevented them from suing Nintendo.

This is a new step in the Quebec class lawsuit against Nintendo. The Supreme Court will later examine the merits of the dispute.we can read in the judgment.