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A city gains "plastic-free municipality" status after two years of struggle

A city gains “plastic-free municipality” status after two years of struggle

Manningtree, a city of 800 people, is located on the edge of the North Sea UKReceived the status of “non-existent municipality” on Monday Plastic “It is the smallest municipality in the country to receive this title BBC Broadcast by Western France.

The city owes this success to its 40-year-old mother, Becky Pipko, who has not stopped mobilizing her neighbors on the matter. In 2020, Britain realized one thing: this is not enough. She understood that since sorting does not reduce the number of household waste, it is necessary to reduce its use directly.

Joint cleaning

Walks were organized to collect in the early forties Waste In the city, it brought together a growing number of participants. Little by little, people began to adopt new applications such as reusable garbage bags and details. Western France.

The mother of the family continued her zero waste struggle by meeting with merchants and elected officials of the city. His call was widely heard. From Plastic packaging Were evicted to the city and the mother of the family now wants to appease the surrounding municipalities.

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“We are all temporary tenants This planetAnd it is our duty to leave these areas in good condition, ”the 40-year-old said. BBC. “There is a question about waste, but I hope we can start strong changes in transportation,” Agriculture. The more we have, the more we can do. ⁇