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A change of scenery in Espace San Michele

A change of scenery in Espace San Michele

The Society of Friends of Saint-Michel had already set very high standards, in June, for the resumption of exhibitions, with four artists: Frederic Nangood, Michel Baker, Dominique Medard and Eric Fourier. The entrance door to St. Michael’s Basilica, the latter of which was redecorated, the sculptor of the month, inevitably attracted visitors to the building.

Great deconstruction later, but above all a radical transformation of the church space made it possible to welcome three new regional artists.

During the opening on Friday 2 July, Marie-Claude Montagny-Siele, President of the Association, do not forget to congratulate the hanged team and the volunteers who redoubled their efforts to give this exhibition the dimension it deserves. .

Marie-Claude Montagni-Sier, between Charlotte Massip, Marie-Thérèse Broca-Lanaud and Marie-Paul Garcia, on the one hand, and on the other, Charlotte Fernandez and Jean-Paul Berry, both representatives of the Condom Municipality.

Because this installation, with its glowing character, makes it possible to amplify both the artists’ work and the wonderful heritage site in which it is housed.

↪ Sonia Jacqueline: bodies of flesh and soul surrounded by chiaroscuro

She is interested in the bodily and primitive side of man, in his origins, in his fragility, the body, according to her, only the thin and flexible shell of the soul. His encounter with PVC was decisive, because it combines flexibility and firmness. Limited by the size of the plates, then I found this other medium. It assumes preliminary preparation of the surface. But PVC gives it a lot of freedom in terms of coordination.

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Then the Hulk appears, able to resist bodily density, and search for man.

Objects, even in groups, appear alone. Sonya questions the true meaning of life, everyone’s place in a world whose meaning she does not pick up, leaving each observer free to solve the mystery.

Everyone will tell their story and finish the drawing.

Sonya’s works are strong, without gimmick, with great sincerity.

↪ Charlotte Massip or Rethinking the Human Body

Gersoise of the month since she joined Lectoure for six months, is up for debate. For her work, she uses a technology that requires great accuracy of the line, in which the slightest deviation is not tolerated.

She is passionate about anatomy that won’t hold her any secrets too quickly, which will lead her to create ‘Anatomy’.

Charlotte Massip has received numerous awards and honors, being honored by the French Academy as a panelist at Casa Velasquez.

It offers courses and training in engraving recognized by Pôle Emploi and has just launched a range of custom backgrounds.

And so she did animation all day, on-site, workshops Engraving of pupils of the Jules Ferry and Mendès France schools. Every student left with his inscription and he will surely remember this beautiful day of creation.

↪François Lacoste, not a simple sculptor but a construction worker

Aquitaine’s second artist of the month, Pessacais who carves wood, is also a scholar and experimenter. Besides the technical prowess that his creations represent, words play an important role in his world. They are incorporated into the work or in the form of titles, unobtrusively shedding light on them.

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The third artist, like the other two, introduced his interest in the human body but also in familiar things to tell about everyday life.

The emptiness matters to him as much as the envelope. He punches and pierces his sculptures so that he can look inside.

His works, at the same time delicate, subtle and confusing, are a delight that no one will tire of. He also gave an all-day workshop and the students also left with their personal memories of that meeting.

Want to get to know François Lacoste better, Listen to it on a local radio station in Bordeaux, La grande, talks about his job as a creator and woodcarver: three minutes to discover the many facets of his world.

Find all the news of the association on the page Facebook Association.

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