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A cat sneaks into a vending machine

A cat sneaks into a vending machine

A kitten was found inside a vending machine last week at a Walmart supermarket in Morristown, Tennessee.

It was one of the establishment employees who heard about a meow coming from a Pepsi brand dispensing machine.

Firefighters were immediately sent to the scene to try to save the animal.

When they arrived, they heard the cat meowing, but they could not determine the origin of the screams in the device.

After turning off the power to the machine, the cat was still “crying” and the rescuers continued the search.

It took the firefighters a few minutes to get the cat out of the soda machine.

In the end, the kitten hid in the little nozzle of the vending machine. He was healthy and sound.

At this point, authorities were unable to determine how the little animal had slipped inside the machine.

The branch employee, Lindsey, decides to adopt the kitten and provide him with a place to sleep peacefully for the next few days…

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