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A call to action from researchers and clinicians

A call to action from researchers and clinicians

The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) recently hosted its 10th Scientific Meeting in Toronto, bringing together researchers, clinicians, trainees and patient advocates to discuss advances in oncology.

On the sidelines of this conference, more than 100 cancer research leaders in Canada signed an open letter, published in the Globe and Mail, highlighting the urgent need to fund collaborative cancer research in the country.

Innovations and collaborations in oncology

This biennial scientific meeting is a critical forum for Canada's cancer research community, allowing discoveries to be shared and collaborations to begin. Dr. Jim Woodgate, President and Chief Scientific Officer of IRTF, highlighted the dawn of a renaissance in cancer research through innovations enabling more effective management of the disease.

Call for public participation

The open letter calls for increased investment in collaborative research to achieve a world without cancer. It highlights the importance of a unified approach to the fight against cancer, particularly through data sharing and collaboration.

The role of the Marathon of Hope Oncology Centers network

The network, which includes 35 major oncology centers and universities in Canada, plays a vital role in focusing efforts to accelerate progress in precision oncology. This unique partnership aims to combine resources and knowledge to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Patients' contribution and continuous innovation

Patients play an active role in research, helping guide studies toward results that reflect their needs and priorities. This patient-researcher partnership is vital to developing personalized and effective treatments.

Support and investment are required

Michael Mazza, Executive Director of the Terry Fox Foundation, recalls that although great progress has been made, the fight against cancer requires a sustained commitment from all sectors of society. In honor of Terry Fox's vision, the Foundation continues to play a critical role in funding cancer research in Canada.

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Call for public generosity

The Foundation encourages all Canadians to contribute to this effort by participating in fundraising events and making donations. These contributions are essential to fund innovative research that can save lives and improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

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