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A bump in the neck: From cold to cancer, doctors misdiagnose them

A bump in the neck: From cold to cancer, doctors misdiagnose them

A young woman in the UK has claimed she has cancer, a month after doctors attributed the cause of her swollen neck to a cold, according to reports from the Daily Mail.

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Last March, 28-year-old Paris Wells noticed that she had a bump on her neck. As soon as she saw it, she called her doctor. However, the only appointment I was able to get was in five days by phone.

Instead of waiting five days, the next day Paris went to the emergency clinic of the Royal Princess University Hospital in Kent. Doctors Wells interviewed told her that her bump “doesn’t appear to be cancerous.” According to them, the bump was caused by a cold that the young woman had suffered a week earlier.

But, over the course of the weeks, the bump got bigger and harder.

Seeing her condition, Paris Wells asked her aunt, a radiologist who works at the same hospital, if she could have a double MRI in April.

Après avoir passé des tests, les résultats lui ont confirmé que sa bosse n’était pas reliée à un rhume, mais plutôt à un lymphome hodgkinien de stade deux, un cancer rare qui se développe dans le quiat que prop système the body.

“My mother came with me to my appointment. When the results came out, I was asked if I knew what Hodgkin lymphoma was. I answered them yes. Doctors told me I had it,” she said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

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Three-quarters of people with this cancer have a life expectancy of more than ten years.

The young woman will begin chemotherapy in the coming months.

The Daily Mail has contacted Greenbrooks Healthcare, which runs the clinic that Ms Wells visited.