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A building containing 84 affordable housing units is being constructed

A building containing 84 affordable housing units is being constructed

Accommodation. nine months. Here is what was necessary for the Le Sentier housing project to go from an idea to an implementable project. At least 84 housing units designated for people with modest incomes are currently being built.

“In Drummondville, people want things to move. And we clearly see it working. A few weeks ago, we announced 100 units with the Unitaînés project. Today, 84 housing units are being developed by the Office of Housing Drummond (OHD). Housing, France-Ilene Duranceau, during a press conference held on Monday: “Everyone is united.”

The Minister responsible for housing, France-Hélène Duranceau, was present during the press conference. (Photography: Ghislain Bergeron)

Le Sentier will be a six-storey building located on rue du Meunier-Rouge. “These are all three and a half reserved for people of modest income, meaning our workers who earn less than $50,000 a year. These are accommodations that will be rented for about $750 a month. There will be parking spaces for everyone as well. The built environment is safe.” “It is a high-rise building.” Quality will be delivered,” said OHD General Manager, David Belanger.

Note that the building will be equipped with sprinklers and two elevators. The accommodation will be accessible to people with limited mobility and the 14 apartments on the ground floor will be air-conditioned.

The Les Découvertes residential area represents a prime location, according to David Belanger. “With regard to the development of social and affordable housing, we seek to establish ourselves in all neighborhoods of the city. We are not trying to densify or create a neighborhood dedicated to these clients. Les Découvertes is located near Saint-Joseph Boulevard and Place Charpentier. All services are available,” he said. “Nearby in the Saint Nicéphore area.”

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The construction of an 84-unit affordable housing building fills a significant need in the area. “The vacancy rate is now 0.5%. Housing prices are hitting less affluent clients hard. Housing that was affordable a few years ago is no longer affordable. We must build housing that people have the means to pay for so they can maintain quality of life, but also Be able to contribute to the social economy.

Drummond Housing Office General Manager, David Belanger. (Photo: Ghislain Bergeron)

The latter is happy that the project will quickly come to fruition, thanks to the mobilization of stakeholders in the region. “In just nine months, we went from exploratory discussions to on-the-ground exploration,” he said proudly.

Le Sentier plans to welcome its first tenants in the summer of 2025.

The building will be built as part of the Desjardins Affordable Housing Initiative, an innovative partnership between the Quebec government and Desjardins that aims to quickly create 1,750 affordable housing units.

The financial package for the Le Sentier project amounts to approximately $29 million, and brings together investments from the Government of Quebec, the City of Drummondville and Desjardins. Ultimately, it is the OHD that will ensure the management and maintenance of the building.

Efforts paying off

In 2022, the City of Drummondville and OHD developed a business plan that calls for the construction of 250 new housing units and the acquisition of 200 existing housing units by 2026, as part of the first phase.

The Le Sentier project represents the achievement and exceedance of the construction target, reports David Belanger. He said: “Today we reached 284 new housing units.”

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