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A Breton in Australia, Hugo Dossetti joins Harley Ingleby for a 4×4 trip to the kangaroos.

Currently inside Australia, Hugo Dossetti Take the opportunity to pursue his plan more gracefully Cromans started in Brittany. The Bigoton Discover the joys of accessible virgin beaches 4×4, an impossible one in Audierne Bay and its surroundings. For good reason, the beach is classified as Natura 2000 and the fauna is also protected. This time, Hugo has come with a local Harley Ingleby. i’Australian He knows these little trails that lead to big peaks where solo surfing is still possible.

i’Australia Having been a popular destination for surfers from all over the world for years, its most popular spots are overcrowded, mainly by locals and the average water level is often higher than ours, which doesn’t make things easy. But Australia is also a big country and with a bit of persistence and technical means, you can find quiet corners within a few hours of high urban centers like Sydney or the Gold Coast.

It is precisely between these two major urban areas Harley Ingleby Born and still living. Coffs Harbour And part of it still escapes massive urbanization. The Professional long boarder I got rid of it Hugo In places he’s been searching for years now. The Double world champion WSL, Now 39, continues to smash venues around the world (outside the circuit). Harley Don’t browse his pro model Fire rod, mix between long and perf board. We can see pictures of him breaking out on a Quattro-equipped shortboard and a thruster fish that you can find on his Instagram account.

there New South Wales It seems to be winning Hugo Enjoys roller blades at noon, a good workout and a few tubes at sunset. The French Oversized in 6″2 format Billy TolhurstA local designer with him Harley He has been working for years. Billy’s decks are built using Firewire’s Thunderbolt technology, which Hugo likes.

> Hugo Dossetti Images, editing and sound. Additional images: Tom Schneider and Layla Deighton.

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