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A black teenager is shot in the wrong house

A black teenager is shot in the wrong house

A black teen in Missouri was shot Thursday night after he called the wrong house to pick up his siblings.

Police said Ralph Yar was shot in the head after coming face to face with a white man in his 80s who shot him in Kansas City.

Jarl, a 16-year-old clarinetist, was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, but is now said to be off the hook.

The homeowner and shooter were arrested and released after 24 hours.

The teen’s aunt told the story on the platform GoFundMe It had raised more than 1.5 million US dollars (about 2 million Canadian dollars) as of Monday noon.

“The man in the house opened the door, looked my nephew in the eye, and shot him in the head. My nephew fell to the ground, and the man fired again. Ralph was able to get up and run to the next house to get help,” the aunt said.

It also alleged that Ralph was forced to ring the doorbell at three different homes before someone helped him “after he was told to lie down on the floor with his hands up”.

The Kansas City Police Chief said the district attorney’s office is ready to take over the case once officers gather all the evidence.

The event was officially classified as a case of mistaken identity.

The police also claimed that the initial evidence did not “indicate a racial motive”, but indicated that the case contained “racial components” and would continue to be investigated by the police.

She added that the victim would also have to testify so that the investigation could be completed.

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