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Andre De Grasse dépasse la ligne d'arrivée à la finale du 100 m.

A Belarusian athlete said she was forced to go home and fears for her life

An activist group supporting Tsimanoskaya said the athlete believed her life would be in danger in Belarus and had applied for asylum at the Austrian embassy in Tokyo.

Tsimanoskaya said in a video message posted on social media that she found herself under pressure by his team leaders and hired by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

I was pressured and they tried to force me to leave the country without my consentThe 24-year-old runner said.

Tsimanoskaya, who was due to compete in the women’s 200m competitions on Monday, criticized the Belarus national team captains on her Instagram account. She said that she entered the 4x400m relay even though she had never competed in the event.

The Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation (BSSF) said government supporters targeted the athlete who contacted the foundation to avoid being forcibly returned to Minsk.

The campaign was serious and was a clear indication that his life was in danger in Belarus Alexander Obikin, a spokesman for the activist group, said in an interview with The Associated Press. Tsimanoskaya called Japanese police at Haneda Airport and did not board a flight to Istanbul.

Ubeken said State Department officials then arrived at the airport.

In a statement issued by BSSFTsimanoskaya said he was at a police station early Monday morning.

I explained the situation to an officer and described how I was taken from the Olympic Village, Tsimanskaya said. I am now safe and trying to solve a problem where I will be able to spend the night.

the This is it, who had conflicts with the Belarus National Olympic Committee (CNOB) prior to the Tokyo Games, claimed to have interfered.

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IT managers […] Investigate the situation and seek clarifications from CNOBOlympic officials said in a statement.

the CNOB Autocratic head of state Alexander Lukashenko and his son Victor ruled it for more than 25 years.

Both Lukashenko are banned from participating in the Tokyo Olympics while This is it Investigate complaints made by athletes that they are victims Revenge and intimidation for the demonstration last August After the presidential election.

Spokesman CNOB He did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ubikin said Tsimanoskaya has been moved to a safe place and plans to seek asylum at the Austrian embassy.

Tsimanoskaya finished fourth in his qualifying 100-meter race on Friday and did not qualify for the semi-finals.