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A 900-year-old crusader sword found by a diver in Israel

A 900-year-old crusader sword found by a diver in Israel

Caesarea, Israel | The sword discovered by a diver in the sea near the Israeli coast may be 900 years old and may have belonged to the Persian Crusaders Brotherhood, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority (AIA).

The report said that Shlomi Katzin, an Israeli diver, discovered on Saturday in Caesarea (northwest) a one-meter sword and a 30-centimeter handle completely covered with corals and shells, but “in excellent condition.” Press release.

This sword is a “rare and wonderful find that clearly belongs to a Crusader Knight,” AIA official Near Diestelfeld said in the statement. “It is wonderful to see such a thing, which takes us 900 years back, to another era with knights, shields, and swords.”

The body was found in an area where underwater currents regularly carry sand, which led to the discovery, said Kobi Charvet, head of the AIA’s Underwater Archeology division.

The sword, which has been handed over to the Ministry of National Treasures, will be on display to the public after it has been cleaned and analyzed, said Eli Escucido, director of the AIA.

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