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91.9 Sports Kirill Kaprizov reports to deal with Wilde this week

91.9 Sports Kirill Kaprizov reports to deal with Wilde this week

With next season getting closer every day, there are still big problems to solve in the NHL. Among them, one of the most important is Kirill Kaprizov, while the young Russian star has not yet reached an agreement with Wild.

However, according to a 91.9 Sports report, Kaprizov must sign a deal with the Minnesota squad, starting this week.

Sports radio station sources also reported that Kaprizov will be leaving Russia (where he is now) by the end of the week and that he will put his name at the end of his next agreement.

However, no details of the terms were provided.

So this will be great news for Wild fans (and also for NHL fans, who will be able to continue to see the miracle develop in North America).

So this comes on the heels of information from CSKA Moscow, which has publicly stated that Kaprizov will not wear his uniform this season.. If a return to KHL was really on the table for the Russians, it was to join CSKA.

But honestly, I don’t think he really thought about the idea of ​​returning to the KHL. Just an impression.

I can’t wait to see what the young Russian player’s contract will look like. Did the wilderness agree to offer him a short-term pact? Will Kaprizov have a foothold in Minnesota in the next five or six years?

And most importantly, what will the salary look like? It’s obviously going to be fine depending on the number of years (more years, more money), but it’ll be interesting to see how Wild manages his salary when you know the Zach Parise and Ryan Suter takeover contracts will drastically affect the payroll in a matter of years. few.

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But either way, it seems that Wild has managed to preserve Kaprizov’s services. Good news for all parties involved, then.

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Nice gesture from the Blue Jackets goalkeeper.

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