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7 steps Canada is taking to combat monkeypox

7 steps Canada is taking to combat monkeypox

Public Health Canada claims that it takes the spread of monkeypox seriously around the world and claims that it has implemented several initiatives to reduce the epidemic on Canadian soil.

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Following the World Health Organization’s decision to raise the highest level of alert to combat this disease, Public Health Canada (PHAC) issued a press release pledging to continue working with provinces and territories.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Government of Canada’s highest priority has been to protect the health of all Canadians,” says Primary Health Care Canada.

To date, 681 cases of monkeypox have been detected in Canada in five provinces. However, Ottawa expects the number of cases to continue to rise in the coming weeks.

Here are seven actions PHAC is taking to combat monkeypox in Canada:

Provide provincial and territory control materials and protocols to support decentralized testing, case investigation and outbreak management.

Funding has been announced to support community-based organizations in the most affected areas, to quickly inform residents on how to protect themselves.

Raise awareness among the most vulnerable populations by collaborating with NGOs, chief medical officers for health and affected communities.

Provide public health officials and responders with tools to manage cases.

– Regularly informing the population about the epidemic through public reports and via the website

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Exercising leadership to improve public understanding of the disease and the evolution of the pandemic, by mobilizing experts and disseminating scientific evidence.

The Health Portfolio Operations Center and the National Microbiology Laboratory Operations Center have activated level 2 to support the monkeypox response and assist with screening.