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7 distinct looks from the history of the Gemini party

7 distinct looks from the history of the Gemini party

Since the beginnings of television, festivities have been popular with viewers. Although the main purpose of these evenings is to reward the artisans of television, the fact remains that, since their launch, they have served as an inspiration to all those who eagerly await to see the fashions of their stars.

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The first Gemini Awards were held on February 15, 1987, and hosted by Dominique Michel and Denis Villatrault. Since then, they have been succeeded by several animators, including Norman Brattwitt, who has taken the reins for 13 years, as well as Veronique Cloutier, who is in her ninth year at the helm of the event. She shone there with her talent and of course her gorgeous outfit. She has inspired more than one, whether for a wedding, a superhero party, or otherwise. Let’s face it, if parties honor our artists, they also inspire us with brilliance, charm, and fashion that makes us dream. The stars are poised and poised for elegance and authenticity, despite the stage fright that moves the nominees. Excitement is in the air and the audience shares all these feelings. Let’s review some memories of the Gemini Awards ceremonies and admire our stars, adorned with their costumes, many of whom are being honored this fall at several shows. Make way for memories!

Here are 7 distinct looks from the history of the Gemini party:

1 – Jose Dechenes (2000)

2. Evelyn Brushaw (2011)

Photo: Eric Meri

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3 – Isabel Sir (1995)

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4. Mahée Payment (2011)

Photo: Pascal Levesque/TVA

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5. Marielope Wolf (2011)

Photo: Pascal Levesque/TVA

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6. Melissa Desormo – Pauline (2012)

Photo: Eric Carrier

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7- Helen Bourgeois Leclerc (2012)

Photo: Eric Carrier

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