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60 years of her career: new album and biography of Ginette Reno

Great lady of song Jeannette Reno is back in power this spring to highlight her 60-year career. She will reveal a new album next month as well as her first autobiography.

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GenetThe title of this biography published by Éditions Cantaloupe will be revealed on April 6. The 76-year-old artist, who has been in the public eye since 1962, has certainly marked this date on her calendar, because on the same day she will launch her 42nd birthday.H album It’s all about meFive years after the release of his previous books, appeared foreverPlatinum certified.

It’s all about me It will include 14 pieces under the artistic direction of his collaborator Lionel Lavolte. Ginette will sing lyrics by Frédéric Baron, Claude Gauthier, Felix Gray and Lambert, as well as perform two of her own texts, creations signed with Rick Allison and Christian Marc Gendron.

We can already appreciate, onlineexcerpts The desire for love (Lionel Florence, Patrice Guirao, Pascal Obispo), which is taken from the musical The Ten Commandments; Malato (Genette Reynaud/Christian Marc Gendron); And The bright side of heaven (Jacques Veneroso), which she sings with baritone Vladimir Kornev.

In her autobiography written in collaboration with songwriter Lambert, Jeannette Renault looks back at her great moments on stage and on record, but also recounts her most difficult passages, as everyone has their share of trials to overcome. The candor and sense of humor of someone who has also acted in film and television are present in the book.

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“This is my life. It’s my autobiography, mine. I swear to you I reveal myself as I am. I open my most secret gardens to you. I know, you know, my voice is my way. But… I’m not just a song!” Jeannette Reno writes of the pages The first.

Both the book and the album are available for pre-order for fans of the vocal singer starting Friday at 12 p.m. in her online store. From April 6, they will also be available in branches of the Jean Coutu chain across Belle County.