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60 million consumers warn of 'harmful and useless' products

60 million consumers warn of ‘harmful and useless’ products

behind the marketing Teeth whitening can hide from dangerous products And tricks that don’t work. treatments for White teeth And great promises abound online. But beware, some ingredients that are misused or overused can have serious consequences for you. Oral health. A dental consultation is always the best way to meet your dental needs.

products Teeth whitening It can come in different forms. It can be found in gels to be applied with a brush or in slides or gutters for use at home. In these products, the bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide. The whitening power and risks to teeth increase with the increase in the content of this ingredient.

Teeth whitening and its controversial products

Teeth whitening is big business all over the world. Millions of kits Teeth whitening sold every year. For people looking for a profile A brighter smileIt’s a quick and easy solution. The majority of consumers do not know the correct dosage of substances.

According to a survey conducted by 60 million consumersfocus in hydrogen peroxide It is not exceeded, it is rated at 6%. Thus, products that exceed this standard are prohibited in the European Union. Knowing that products containing 0.1 to 6% hydrogen peroxide or 0.3 to 16% carbamide peroxide are only allowed for use by dental surgeons.

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Possible reactions to the use of teeth whitening products

The first problem that can occur after using these harmful products is reversible. that it Tooth hypersensitivity. Hydrogen peroxide works faster, but causes more allergic reactions.And the Dr. Eric Bonnet, a dental surgeon, has set out to investigate 60 million consumers. The doctor practices and teaches Lightning Techniques teeth for over thirty years.

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The second potential problem: the risk of exacerbation of an existing undiagnosed pathology.On rotting teeth, hydrogen peroxide, even at a low concentration, will penetrate deeply and cause fatalThis means loss of vitality. If you also have gingivitis, it will increase it.”reports Dr. Christophe Likeart, spokesperson for the French Federation of Oral Health (UFSBD).

The third and final problem that can occur after a Teeth whiteningThe Email deterioration of your teeth. When the product is poorly concentrated (0.1% max), this can be done a maximum of twice a year. Remember, before the teeth whitening procedure, it is necessary in any case to consult a dentist to check the condition of your teeth. Be warned, in the smile bars, the staff is not affiliated with the medical profession.