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6 tips to preserve your food and save money

6 tips to preserve your food and save money

A couple who live in a commune within 10 hours (round trip) of a grocery store in the Yukon share their tips for preserving your food for longer.

1) Plan carefully

Before heading to the grocery store, review your inventory, from freezer to pantry. Then write what you have and what you need. This will allow you to save money, avoid impulse purchases, and reduce food waste.

2) Organize by expiration date

To avoid losing food, you can reorganize your refrigerator by making all food items visible. You can also write expiration dates so you don’t forget.

3) Prepare your meals in advance and in large quantities (“batch cooking”)

You can prepare meals that are eaten every day (lentil soup, grilled vegetables) and more special meals (risotto, quiche, for example). Then you can freeze everything.

4) Stock up in the freezer and pantry

Buy essentials (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, milk, butter, etc.) that you can keep in the freezer and in the pantry (canned vegetables, dried goods, and cooking staples).

5) Get creative

Prioritize fresh foods when cooking. When your stock is sold out, you can incorporate frozen products into your recipes.

6) Make your own food

By growing your own foods (green vegetables, root vegetables, for example) you can reduce the risk of wasting. And making your own bread or granola, for example, at home will cost you less.

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