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6 Lesser-Known Non-All-Inclusive Types for Your Next Vacation

6 Lesser-Known Non-All-Inclusive Types for Your Next Vacation

The all-inclusive travel formula in the South isn’t very popular. We appreciate the sun, the change of landscape and the premium prices of course, but we also appreciate the fact that they are fully taken care of. No planning, no cooking, no stress: we give ourselves great mental rest!

Good news, there are other types of “all inclusive” than the ones we know on the shores of the Caribbean. These establishments offer turnkey vacations in the countryside, desert, sea and even in our forests.

Here are 6 types of all-inclusive programs to try and make a change…from all the other all-inclusive categories!

Ski included

The concept of everyone is in the mountains, you know? Club Med, among others, has been offering all-inclusive Alpine holidays since the late 1950s. Today, packages are available in about fifteen destinations, and include everything we’re used to – flights, transfers, rooms, buffets, bars, shows – but also unlimited skating. Lessons are included, as are other winter activities, mountain views and European-style après-ski fun.

All inclusive on farm

Sunset jogging, horse brushing, a drink in the saloon…these are the things waiting for you if you booked The Ranch in the American Southwest! The “loan shark dudeThey are working and non-working farms and are also resorts, where visitors can experience the life of a cowboy or simply relax in a place worthy of a cinema. Packages generally include meals, overnight stays, and a full range of equestrian activities – but not flights or alcohol. So it’s an “almost all inclusive” option, but honestly, it could be worth a visit! Be warned: the level of luxury varies from place to place.

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Comprehensive on stilts

The famous over-water villas in Bora Bora, the Maldives or the Fiji Islands are almost everyone’s dream, but they often seem out of reach. Fortunately, over the past few years, the concept of overwater bungalows has spread to the Caribbean, making this type of accommodation a bit more affordable (at least in terms of distance). sandalsFor example, he sells all-inclusive packages in this type of villa in Montego Bay and Whitehouse, Jamaica, and Gros Islet, St. Lucia.

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Comprehensive browsing

From Bali to Nicaragua to Morocco, there is a wide range of “surf camps” for the more adventurous, some of which include just about everything: accommodation (often simple), meals, transfers, and a number of lessons. It does not necessarily include flights that must be booked separately. This is the case for 7-day surf camps in Eldorado Surf Resort in El Salvador, owned by the founders of OuiSurf in Quebec. Some dates for 2023 have already been announced if you’re interested.

inclusive “floating”

It’s not a huge revelation: cruise ships are really like all-inclusive floats. But in addition to providing an amazing number of restaurants and entertainment, it also allows you to stop at various ports around the world. It is possible to book packages including flights, especially with companies such as Sunwing or Air Canada Vacations. Feel free to inform yourself about the environmental aspect of your ship!

local inclusive

There are also all-inclusive programs in Quebec, and we’re not just talking about what’s new Charlevoix Club Med. Many establishments have long offered packages that include accommodation, meals, and moving activities, often in the heart of nature. This is the case Holiday Village Petit-Saguenay (Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean) or even Govins Resort (Eastern Townships), which has programs for families. In Gaspé, theShake Shox Mountain Lodge It offers secluded holidays for sports lovers, while Augustinian monastery du Vieux-Québec is based on the accommodation of luxury.

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