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6% increase in 3 years for nearly 60,000 employees

6% increase in 3 years for nearly 60,000 employees

An annual salary increase of 2% for a period of 3 years has been planned for the approximately 60,000 employees of the public sector represented by the Confederation of Quebec Workers (FTQ), under an initial agreement entered into with the government of François Legault.

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This includes health workers, particularly midwives and patients, and education personnel, excluding teachers, including, among others, support staff and day care services.

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FTQ said it was satisfied with the agreement, as it demanded this increase while the government instead proposed a 5% increase over three years.

Daniel Boyer, President of FTQ.

Photo by Pierre Paul Bolin

Daniel Boyer, President of FTQ.

FTQ President said: “Finally, after more than a year of negotiations, we have agreed with the government on provisions that will improve working conditions to facilitate the attraction and retention of employees in health, education and social services. While improving compensation.” Daniel Boyer in a press release.

Salary compensation

The agreement in principle also includes income adjustments for public sector employees based on job categories, according to the FTQ. Salary compensation is planned for the lowest employees.

“We must pay tribute to the workers in the fields of education, health and social services, who for years maintained remote public services, especially during the emerging coronavirus crisis. Their determination and mobilization greatly helped bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion.

For her part, the Chair of the Treasury Board, Sonya Leble, considered the agreement to be a winner for FTQ members and respected budget constraints. “Everything is now ready to conclude comprehensive agreements with all unions and allow the implementation of measures promising for all Quebecers,” the master said.I Leble in a press release from his government.

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