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50 Years of Creamy Nursery: Genesis finds its way

50 Years of Creamy Nursery: Genesis finds its way

After revealing adventurous and daring voices, with the cut looking for someone And the knifefrom the album infringement, Genesis confirms itself with authorship Karimi Nursery, who turned 50 years old.

With the release of this album on November 12, 1971, the British line-up took it to another level with the titles Jukebox, the return of the giant hogweed And Salmacis Fountain.

Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, and Mike Rutherford would establish themselves, with this composition, as a pioneering composition of the progressive rock movement.

when taken out, Karimi Nursery It wasn’t an instant hit, but it later settled with albums Foxtrot, selling England for Sterling And Aries lies on Broadway.

cream nursery, It’s also a particularly strong cover, designed by Paul Whitehead, in which we see a little girl on a croquet court, holding a mallet, surrounded by decapitated heads, replacing the balls of this game.

Cover showing the date of the piece music box Young Cynthia accidentally beheaded her friend Henry.

Phil’s beginnings

Musicians and newcomers, drummer Phil Collins and guitarist Steve Hackett, who have been on the album tour infringement He moved to a house in East Sussex, England to write new material. A place called the “house of the frogs” by the members of Genesis.

At the suggestion of Steve Hackett, the group acquired a melotron, which can be heard in the rooms. seven stones And Salmacis Fountain.

Interesting details, a week before the Genesis mission at Bell Center, the play For absent friends It was sung by drummer Phil Collins. We can also hear his voice paired with Peter Gabriel’s voice harold barrel And Joker.

The musician, who was 20 years old at the time, had no idea that he would one day become a Genesis singer and have a successful solo career.

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« Karimi Nursery It represents a clear improvement over infringement. music box It was developed around what we were doing at the time infringement. Keyboardist Tony Banks said in the book that the last part of this song is what I feel most satisfied with Genesis, the whole adventure.