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5 road trip ideas to enjoy from Sydney

If you want to experience an authentic road trip from Sydney, follow our 5 ideas to taste the wonders of Australia.

There are countless properties in Sydney! When it already is One of the craziest cities in the worldSidney and A Great starting point Go on a road trip. Driving is the best way to experience Australia. From the capital of New South Wales, follow the yellow lines that divide the Australian tarmac.

By car, van, 4×4 or motorhome, they will take you to Cairns, Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide to experience all the clichés of Australia. When we talk about clichés, we talk about animals with eucalyptus forests full of koalas and kangaroos. We also talk about Wild beaches East Coast, Outback, Steep hillsvineyards and Surfer towns.

Don’t hesitate to guide you on your road trip Australia on the map, the country expert to find the best activities for your interests! Follow our 5 Road Trip Ideas from Sydney You should go to Australia soon!

From Sydney through the Australian Alps to Melbourne

Photo credit: Australia à la carte – Destination NSW

A road trip in between White sand beaches and mountains ? It’s this way! To start this road trip from Sydney, we follow the east coast Jervis Bay. You will see Amazing views rocks and Beautiful little villages Where to enjoy fish and chips. Jervis Bay will then be a chance to see dolphins, parrots or turtles.

Heading south, you’ll especially love it Murramorang Beach Nature Park It is a tribal existence. A few more kilometers and you get the much-awaited snapshot of the road trip: Pebble Beach, where kangaroos stay on the beach. Stop at a fishing village Naroma and there take a boat to Montague Island Penguin colony. From July to November, you can even see Whales. Coming close to Merimbula, you will cross an agricultural area where you can have a good tasting Local cheeses.

Then, you turn your back to discover the ocean Landscapes of Australia. You will ride for 3 hours along the Great Alpine Route where you will see the mountain ranges taking shape. Upon arrival, it will be Thredbo, a ski resort in winter and the start of hikes in summer.

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Then you will be in the heart Kosciuszko National Park You can have a blast at the game. ULM, paragliding, skiing, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing… there’s something for everyone! You’ll finish your route with a return trip along the coast to the Gippsland Lakes. 400 km² of waterways consisting of canals, lagoons, lakes or rivers Between land and sea.

Loop road trip through national parks

Australia New South Wales Three Sisters Blue Mountains

Photo credit: Australia à la carte – Destination NSW

Lack of time? to create Around Sydney ! We start with the essentials Blue Mountains, less than an hour from downtown. Tropical forest, blue reflection on the rock, steep cliffs: the Blue Mountains are a wonderful way to visit Walking paths. They lead to the view that KatoombaFrom where you can observe the popular ones Three sistersA wonderful collection of three rock formations.

After a three-and-a-half-hour drive, give way to hedonism! Australia has the largest number Vineyards And its citizens especially value wine. Treat yourself and To taste local products With lush green landscapes in the heart of the Hunter Valley. And to sleep, choose a beautiful resort on the property An authentic and local Australian experience.

Make two stops along the East Coast before returning to Sydney. First of all Diamond Beach You can Surf and see dolphins Jump (and in high season, whales). You can dock at Port Stephens in Anna Bay. It’s only a few kilometers before you return to Sydney

Head up the east coast between Sydney and Brisbane

Sydney road trip

Photo credit: Australia à la carte – Destination NSW

For this road trip to Sydney, let’s not forget Surfboards ! In less than 3 hours drive, you are already there Anna Bay, an incredible peninsula. You will see endless beaches where you can visit the amazing sand dunes of Stockton Beach. Camel ride. A stone’s throw from the dunes is Port Stephens, which is popular Many dolphins Wanderers in the sea.

After Anna Bay, head to Hot Head. To shorten the 6-hour journey, don’t forget to stop at Port Macquarie, where you’ll findKola Hospital. Later, you can enjoy a night stop at Hot Head National Park Beautiful lights Flooding the bay at dawn. From there you can walk Korokoro WalkwayA 2-hour tour and a hiking trail that crosses tropical forests.

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The last stop in New South Wales, the legendary Byron Bay, is completely dedicated Surf culture. Many surf spots are filled with boards where beginners or enthusiasts can have fun on small waves or beautiful rolls. From Byron Bay, it takes 2 hours to reach Brisbane. On the way, make a final stop at the Gold Coast, where you can surf in Surfer’s Paradise.

Discover the Australian East Coast from Sydney to Cairns

Surfing Australia's Byron Bay for a road trip from Sydney

Photo credit: Australia à la carte – Destination NSW

To leave Sydney, make your first stop at the Hunter Valley. In the heart of green valleys and vineyards. This is a must stop for lovers of good wine! You’ll be a stone’s throw from Port Stephens, where you’ll see dolphins jumping in the bay. Beautiful beaches and amazing forests await you! Byron Bay should be your last stop in New South Wales before arriving in Brisbane. You will be surprisedWorld of SurfingIt can be felt on every street corner or beach.

Once in Queensland, head to the white sand beaches of Noosa or Rainbow Beach. Sunshine Beach. From there, it’s only a few kilometers to Hervey Bay and then Fraser Island, where you can go on an adventure in a 4×4 and swim in Lake Mackenzie. From July to November, you can Look out for humpback whales Off the beach.

Then plan to stop at Emu Park, a few kilometers from Rockhampton. In this area you ride Between the Great Barrier Reef and the start of the Australian bush. Tropical forests rub shoulders with heavenly beaches: a life-size Australian experience! Further north, stop at Airlie Beach. This will be the starting point Whitsundays is one of the most beautiful islands in Australia. A road trip from Sydney to Cairns ends like a slow curtain where a thousand more surprises pile up. Among them, Hidden Valley immerses you in the ocean of nature.

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In the heart of Paluma Range National Park, you enter the bush and sleep in a lodge in the heart of the eco-park. According to Australian Geology, there are There is a 98% chance of seeing a platypus there. Trust us, it’s a real privilege! Last stop before Mission Beach, Cairns. 14km ​​of beach and diving is possible by hopping on a water taxi to Dunk Island. You’ve arrived in Cairns! The sun is setting over the city and the sky is as abundant with stars as your eyes after such a journey.

Depart Sydney to Adelaide via the Outback

Sydney road trip

Photo credit: Australia à la carte – Destination NSW

Ready to go on a trail Go off the beaten path ? Let’s take a road trip out of Sydney. Ocher earth, ancestral home sites, contrasts between lakes and deserts, crazy starry skies: you’ll see all the colors!

Start with the first stop at the Blue Mountains. Then Parks will pass At the heart of agricultural Australia Surrounded by lush private gardens. After the park, the greenery fades and gradually leads to the entrance of the desert. Then cities became rarer in favor of national parks. It takes you 9 hours to reach the mining town of Broken Hill.

She will give you one Immerse yourself in Gold Rush history Australia when opening the gates of Kincheka National Park next to Menindee. A whole network of lakes awaits you Look out for wild animals From this delicious oasis. You will be close to Mungo National Park 25 km of hills A bow was formed by the wind.

A Tribal guide It will make you curiously discover the habits and customs of its people who are deeply connected to this land. While sleeping in an eco-lodge, you can admire the glittering rocks of the Great Wall of China. Walk among the gum trees of Wentworth for your last stop before returning to Adelaide. If you miss the ocean this weekend away, go Take a splash at Glenelg BeachOn the outskirts of Adelaide.

You, you are still in the countryside, mountains or sea A road trip from Sydney ? You see the options are plentiful. So, which route do you like the most?