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5 Halloween Activities for the Whole Family


With Halloween coming up before we know it, it’s time to start planning activities for the whole family. This certainly is one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with kids, so there will be plenty to do. Here are a few Halloween activities that can be enjoyed with your whole family:

Pick out your costumes together

If you want to make sure that you and your family have a blast on Halloween, take time to come up with Halloween costumes as a family.

This could look like everyone picking individual outfits or it may look like choosing a theme to dress up as together. One thing is certain, if your kids are old enough, they’ll definitely want to have a say in what they wear for Halloween.

Make Jack-o-Lanterns

A really fun way to celebrate Halloween and also create some spooky décor is to make Jack-o-Lanterns together. Not only can you make a competition out of it but you can also get ready for your Halloween party by creating the front porch décor together—out of pumpkins.

Save the pumpkin’s innards for some great Halloween pumpkin recipes. For families who don’t want to go through the work of carving out pumpkins, you can always get fake pumpkins to paint instead of carve, which is still a fun activity for the whole family.

Create the best Halloween yard in your neighborhood

If you’re looking to have the best home to come home to over the holidays, make your front yard one that stands out as the best in the neighborhood. Get the kids involved in choosing how you’ll set up your front yard so that they can enjoy Halloween as much as you do!

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While some Halloween décor can be pricey, you can use it over again in the years to come. Once you see your kids smile in excitement to see the front yard in all of its spooky glory, you’ll know that you made the right choice.

Visit a pumpkin patch

If you want to really have a great time with Halloween activities, don’t hesitate to visit a pumpkin patch. Most pumpkin patches will not only have plenty of pumpkins for you and yours to pick out for your Jack-o-Lanterns, but you’ll also find many of them offer fun things to do as well as games, balloon artists, live music, and prizes.

Look up Halloween and pumpkin events in your city to discover a great thing to do with your kids during the month of October. If you and the little ones have never been to a pumpkin patch together, make this the year that you go.

Get professional pictures done

With everyone looking incredible in their Halloween costumes, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture these memories for years to come. While many families like to take autumn pictures in the leaves with matching outfits, you’re not like most families, right?

What could be more of a fun picture than everyone dressed up in their Halloween best and done by a professional that leaves you all looking incredible? What a fun picture to have hanging on your wall for family and guests to see!

In Conclusion

Halloween, a time of candy and sweets, scary movies, and horror costumes—it’s honestly most people’s favorite holiday this time of year. Are you ready for it? Do you and your family have any fun activities planned? If not, get started with these things mentioned above.

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From Halloween parties hosted by your local HOA to pumpkin patches set up in your city, there are plenty of fun things to enjoy during autumn and for celebrating Halloween, so don’t miss out!