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5 Guys For Me: The Format Has Changed Too Much For Quebec

5 Guys For Me: The Format Has Changed Too Much For Quebec

Celebrating the end of the first season of 5 men for me, We spoke with the director, Simone Sachel, who spoke to us, among other things, about the look and the transformations that were made.

It’s a large British format from Fremantle and we’ve already converted it “He says first.” I’m surprised they gave us so much leeway. In this kind of format, they’re very strict about what they deliver, but we really played with the show. »

Here are all the changes made:

  • Duration reduced from 60 to 30 minutes.
  • The method of shooting has been completely modified. ” At first, it’s a show that’s entirely in robotic cameras, like Big Brother. There are no humans anywhere. Which gives a look a little less pretty than what we did. »
  • Editing speed is faster. ” In the British show, the tempo is slower. Often not much happens. We’re primetime on TVA on a weeknight, so we screwed it up. »
  • There is no teaser in the original form. “ The narration is considered a transition, as: Max and Julie are going to the park. We hired an author and Anne-Elisabeth to bring a touch of humor in there and support the nominees. »

At first, they weren’t interested in the idea [de transformer autant le concept]And the But today they told us that out of all the releases made in the world, this is their favorite and they came in Season 2 to see us try to adapt the way we picked up the other releases in the world. »

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Congratulations team 5 men for me Which once again proves that we manufacture high quality television in Quebec!

We recall that Simon Sachel also told us about the famous Philip, who caused a lot of talk on social networks. We were all amazed tell us. Read the interview here.