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5 boys are stuck in the sewers

A fun jaunt through the sewers turns into a nerve-wracking adventure for five young boys, ages 11-12.

Just wanting to explore the sewers of Staten Island, pre-teens found themselves stuck in a confined space.

Quickly, someone called 911. The operator asked, “What’s the address in Staten Island?” The boy said, “We don’t know.”

“We are stuck in the sewers,” he adds.

“It’s like a tunnel where all the tubes are,” he explains.

The conversation between the boy and the worker lasts about thirty minutes in order to be able to locate them.

“Wait, we’ll get you,” said the operator.

New York firefighters finally located the sewer in question. Children’s raincoats and backpacks remained at the entrance to the tunnel.

“Rescue 5 entered the tunnel to operate in a confined space,” specifies firefighter John Loennecker.

Two firefighters were securely attached to lifelines and equipped with confined space masks, the culverts being stretched to about 30 inches in width.

“The closer we got, the more we could hear their voices a little bit,” Lewinker said.

I saw them about 40 feet down the tube. “I crawled,” said the firefighter Lonker.

Once out of their precarious situation, the five boys are taken to the hospital as a precaution, but they are all fine.

One told CNN, “I knew we were in trouble, but I’m just happy to know we’re all OK.”

According to CBS News

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