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5 best gaming glasses to keep your eyes healthy

5 best gaming glasses to keep your eyes healthy

For more and more gamers, gaming glasses are becoming a must-have. Discover the best models!

As far as it is clear on this point, gaming glasses help greatly with that Reduce eye strain It irritates the eyes, but also protects them from bright, bright lights from screens.

Its usefulness is not limited to appearance only. comfortThese gaming glasses improve your performance, in particular by increasing your peripheral vision, as well as helping you to distinguish details better.

Pay attention to one detail along the same lines, because if most gaming glasses are compatible with screens LCD screen And the lampsThere are several models that are not compatible with certain types of monitors. Be sure to check the compatibility list before purchasing.

What are the best gaming glasses?

Strictly speaking, there is no perfect gaming glasses, because it mainly depends on screen type which you have.

Other parameters must be taken into account, such as its ability to adapt to Morphology From the face, or even they Speed General, which should satisfy you.

If we had to enlighten you a bit, let’s say there’s a file consensus Somewhat generalized around the Vayper frame, which is a reference for the Gunnar eyewear range.

first because itjust leave Very little air leak Between your eye and the glass, with the aim of reducing dryness of sight as much as possible.

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Its branches are slender, its design is simple, its design is elegant, but above all, you can hardly feel it. Their strong point is Flexibility From the structure, it gives the glasses the ability to suit any type of face.

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Gunnar Vayper Gaming Glasses (Onyx) – €82.99 Conforma

Spirit of Gamer: Fnac Gaming Glasses, we’re happy on the cheap!

It’s all in the name or almost with this pair sold Pro Retina.

Contains an anti-reverse treatment that works positively Contradictionswith reduced brightness. lightness player spirit It is so much fun, that you can wear it for several hours without getting tired Iyour eyes.

whether to fight prolonged visual exposure On your computer screen, smartphone, TV or tablet, this model without correction filters blue light in addition to preventing sleep disturbances and migraines.

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Spirit of Gamer Pro Retina Glasses – €23.99 Fnak

Gaming glasses for sale on Amazon to take care of your eyes!

Duco amber lenses feature a panoramic view for high definition. paint glasses he is anti-glareallowing you to stay focused more effectively during games.

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Duco gaming glasses – 27€ Amazon

Protect your eyesight with anti blue light gaming glasses

These glasses are designed for blue light block From the production of screens, which can help reduce eye fatigue and irritation. In addition, these glasses will improve your peripheral vision, to better distinguish details.

This is very useful, especially for people who play in multiplayer Or those who especially like BAtle Royal.

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Horus X Anti Blue Light Gaming Glasses – €34.90 Amazon

These glasses are a great choice if you want protect your eyes screens on long termSo you don’t end up wearing glasses before the afternoon.

Razer gaming glasses: the premium model par excellence

If you are looking for gaming glasses from high end Made of high quality materials, then you should consider getting a pair of Razer glasses. In addition to offering elegant style, it is compatible with all types of screens.

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Gunnar Optik Rpg By Razer – 109.99 € Amazon

How to clean gaming glasses?

When wearing gaming glasses, it is important that you do so Clean regularly To prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. Fortunately, this is easy to do with some pots Just.

First, you will need a file fabric Soft and clean to gently wipe eyeglass lenses to remove dust and dirt. Once this step is complete, use a file Antibacterial spray.

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Bollé cleaning spray – 12.99 € Fnak

Once the latter is sprayed onto the cloth, all that remains is to gently rub the cups. Don’t forget to dry the cups with another clean cloth.