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48MP sensor leads to larger photo block on iPhone 14 Pro

48MP sensor leads to larger photo block on iPhone 14 Pro

The increase in the size of the rear camera array of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max that we saw this week has just found an explanation. While we thought Apple was able to fully integrate its sensors into the chassis, Ming-Chi Kuo tells us that the new 48MP sensor is more prominent.

Reasons for having a larger unit

In a tweet, Kuo commented on Leaked schemes Recently shared by Max Weinbach. These graphics show that the iPhone 14 Pro models’ rear camera tray will increase by approximately 5% in each dimension, from 35.01 mm wide to 36.73 mm wide and 36.24 mm high at 38.21 mm. The notch itself is also expected to protrude further away from the device, going from 3.60mm on the iPhone 13 Pro to 4.17mm on the iPhone 14 Pro.

“The main reason behind the larger and more prominent camera bump” is due to the “upgrading of the rear camera to 48MP,” Kuo said. He added that the diagonal length of the iPhone contact image sensor is expected to increase by 25-35% with the jump to 48MP. The height of the viewfinder will also increase by 5-10%. Bad news for those who were hoping to get a fully supported iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Current iPhone 13 Pro Max

In addition to replacing the notch with a new mold design TrueDepth camera with face recognition technology using pill and apertureAmong the iPhone 14 Pro’s most popular features is the 48MP wide-angle camera, and has been mentioned several times by Kuo, Taiwanese research firm TrendForce and analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities.

The 48MP camera system is expected to be limited to iPhone 14 Pro models and will allow 8K video recording, providing a significant upgrade over the 12MP camera and streaming capabilities. 4K video recording from iPhone 13 Pro. 8K HD videos recorded with iPhone 14 Pro will also be suitable for viewing on Apple AR / VR Headset Which we’ve been talking about for a long time.

Kuo previously said he believes the camera quality on the iPhone 14 Pro models will “elevate mobile photography to a new level.” Sure, but competitors like Samsung or Huawei have been offering this for a long time, sometimes up to 108 megapixels.

Do you think such a novelty could generate a high renewal rate among Apple customers?

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