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Dengue : 45 nouveaux cas en une semaine

45 new cases in one week

Statement from the county:

From December 13 to 26, 45 cases of dengue were confirmed (compared to 40 in the previous two weeks) in 20 municipalities. The increase in the number of municipalities involved, weather conditions (heat and rain) and the appearance of the first cluster of cases in St. Paul raise fears of a pandemic in the coming weeks.

Also, the Prefecture and the Regional Health Agency of Reunion Island remind residents of the importance of combating dengue fever by implementing preventive measures: remove mosquito breeding areas (anything that may contain water), protect yourself from mosquito bites (mosquito repellents, bed nets, etc.) and consult your doctor when the emergence The first symptoms.
The awareness campaign on the most effective means of protection to prevent dengue fever and its severe forms continues. This week, focus on using bed nets and seeing your doctor when the first symptoms appear.

Dengue fever status on January 5, 2021

From December 13 to 26, 2021, 45 cases of dengue were recorded, distributed as follows:
– East: 4.2%
– North: 19.3%
West: 45.4%
– South: 30.3%

Cases have been reported in 20 municipalities located:
– In the east: Bras Bannon, La Plaine des Palmes, Saint-Andre.
– In the north: Saint-Denis, Saint Suzanne, Saint Mary
– In the West: La Possession, Le Port, Saint-Leu, Saint-Paul, Trois-Bassins.
– In the south: Entre-Deux, Le Tampon, Les Avirons, Etang-Salé, Petite-Ile, Saint-Joseph, Saint-Louis, Saint-Philippe and Saint-Pierre.

The first group of cases is observed in Saint-Paul: Carosse.

Recommendations to protect yourself from mosquito bites and dengue fever

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Protect yourself, including for the seven days after the onset of symptoms to protect those around you (mosquito repellents, mosquito nets, etc.); Continue to protect yourself, even if you have previously had dengue; Dengue fever can be spread by many serotypes and infection with one serotype does not protect against attack by another.

Getting rid of standing water and emptying it from mosquito shelters: Anything that may have water in and around the house…
Consult a doctor when the first symptoms appear: fever, headache, muscle/joint aches, nausea, vomiting … and take the sample in a medical laboratory prescribed by your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.

If you are sick with dengue fever:
Continue to protect yourself from mosquito bites and monitor your health, especially between the fourth and eighth day of illness.
Consult your doctor or emergency service if your health deteriorates.

install mosquito nets

Using a bed or stroller mosquito net is an effective barrier against mosquito bites and dengue carriers.

It is especially preferred for people who are forced to be bedridden during the day and for newborns.

Mosquito nets can also be placed on windows and doors to provide better protection indoors.

Consult your doctor when the first symptoms appear

In 2021, dengue fever was more severe than ever in Reunion. It has led to hospitalizations and deaths.

To avoid developing the disease and to prevent dangerous forms, you should quickly consult a doctor if the following symptoms appear:
sudden onset of fever
· Headache,
muscle and/or joint pain,
Nausea and vomiting
Your doctor will refer you to a medical laboratory to confirm a diagnosis of dengue fever.

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Monitor your health, especially between the fourth day and the eighth day of the disease. In the event of his condition deteriorating, it is necessary to consult the doctor again or go to the emergency department in the event of severe abdominal pain and persistent vomiting. Inability to eat/water, extreme tiredness, or restlessness.

Remember to continue to protect yourself from mosquito bites so you don’t transmit disease.