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39-year-old American speaks before he dies from COVID-19

39-year-old American speaks before he dies from COVID-19

The father of five moved to the United States this week. While refusing to be vaccinated, Michael Freddy, a 39-year-old American, died of Covid-19. In the local media, his girlfriend Jessica Dupres is back with affection on their vacation that has turned into a nightmare.

Her story, told by Jessica on Thursday, July 29 on the site GoFundMe Which aims to raise funds specifically to pay for many medical expenses. She wrote to bear witness to the fate of her husband, who was healthy until mid-July, before the COVID-19 virus came to mourn this family living in Las Vegas (Nevada).

On Fox 5 USA, she spoke about a sad scenario that unfolded very quickly for this father. Party On vacation in San Diego, Jessica with her children and Michael spent a day at the beach. The victim of a bad sunburn, Michael Freddy went to the hospital to be examined. It was by getting tested for covid that he then found out he was positive.

Drama full of regret

But breathing problems suddenly worsened, and his condition required hospital treatment. He was quickly transferred to the intensive care unit. After examinations, doctors discover pneumonia that has infected her lungs. Separated from the rest of his family, Mike, as his relatives call him, communicates only by phone and SMS. On GoFundMe, Jessica DuPreez shares photos of her rapidly deteriorating fiancé.

In one of his last letters to his fiancĂ©e, Michael wrote with regret: “I should have done this damn vaccine.” The couple had not been vaccinated, preferring to wait a year to “see the effect of the vaccine on people,” Jessica said as she sobbed on Fox 5 Las Vegas.

Jessica was shocked by her experience, and she has since received her first dose of the vaccine and is fighting for everyone to do it. The latter also raised $15,000 through a prize pool. An amount allowed to pay for medical expenses.

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