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35,000 fans chanting their love: Congratulations to the Rimbar family

It’s still cool. 35,000 fans shouted their love for the Quebec Remparts. Their love of hockey. Their love for young players.

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I dare not say their love for the Nordic countries who are slow to return.

Being that they were 35 grand to scream, sing, dance and howl, their happiness would not unfortunately change the opinion of Gary Pittman and the National League office bookkeepers on Madison Avenue.

They will look at the figures, they will see the wonderful Videotron center and they will think and say to themselves in their minds of deep and despised colonizers: “That’s it, they’re good enough to pay lower prices.”


At that time, you should refrain from sending her for a walk. Those determined to prepare behind the scenes for the National League’s return to Quebec know this. You have to be patient and keep the line of communication wide open.

However, if you’re willing to shell out six billion dollars for a bus line between Levis and Quebec, a billion-dollar club, it doesn’t get that bad.

Everything is relative in life.

Congratulations to the Remparts family. Kudos to junior hockey.

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