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3,500 spectators at Telus Grandes Fêtes

3,500 spectators at Telus Grandes Fêtes

The pressure that the Montreal Canadiens put on the government to increase the number of spectators at their games at the Bell Center made people happy even in Bass Saint Laurent.

Grandes Fêtes Telus’ general manager didn’t take the time to think about it: As soon as he learned it was authorized, he confirmed that the Rimouski music festival would welcome 3,500 people in the evening, August 5-8, in Beauséjour Park.

“Tell me so, but I will say yes to you right away. I have room for 14 divisions of 250 spectators,” Sebastian Noel scrambled to answer when Newspaper I called him, a few minutes after the official announcement by the Minister of Health Christian Dube.

Matt Lang will stop in Rimouski.

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Matt Lang will stop in Rimouski.

in the program

He agreed that selling another 1,000 tickets would greatly benefit the organization’s bank accounts.

So far, Telus Holidays was the only event planned for a maximum of 2,500 spectators allowed by the county authorities. Highlights of the 2021 edition include Charlotte Cardin, Cowboys Frangants, Brett Kessel, Marc Dupree, Émile Bilodo, Matt Lang and Ludovic Bourgeois.

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