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335 thousand new injuries in France

335 thousand new injuries in France

The French Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, announced that about 335,000 new cases of Covid-19 are scheduled to be recorded in France on Wednesday, a record number, while 66,000 new French people have also received a first dose of the vaccine.

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“Public health in France will announce its figure this evening, but from memory, today we were at 335,000 infections in our country,” Mr. Veran emphasized during discussions in the National Assembly on the bill to create a vaccine corridor.

As of Tuesday, a total of 271,686 cases of COVID-19 were recorded within 24 hours, an already record number.

Mr Veran also welcomed the fact that 66,000 new French people received their first dose of the vaccine on Wednesday, a number not reached since 1 October.

The Minister of Health indicated that this apparent increase in injections for the first time was related to discussions about the passage of the vaccine and the controversial remarks of Emmanuel Macron, retreating from his disbelief by “coincidence”.

“If we do this for 70 or 75 days, we will give full protection to the French population in relation to dangerous forms,” ​​the minister told the National Assembly.

About five million French people have not received an injection against COVID-19, about a fifth of which is considered an at-risk population.

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