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3 modern games for (almost) guaranteed family success.

3 modern games for (almost) guaranteed family success.

As usual in this Weekly columnI’ve tested the games below for you before giving you my recommendations. They are often offered in French in specialized stores.

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Moon River

  • 2 to 4 players | 8 years and above | beginner’s level
  • 30 to 60 minutes | $34

After showing you medieval kingdoms, fantastic worlds of dragons and giants and then prehistoric lands, the franchise Kindomino Now invites you to the Wild West. In 2016, French designer Bruno Cathala (Who I had the opportunity to meet recently) Launched Kindomino, an instant classic that sold 1.5 million copies. And now he comes back with a design called Moon Rivernamed after the river that lies at the heart of this game, is inspired by the American Gold Rush.

Using a clever turn-based selection system, you can choose puzzle pieces that fit together to form dominoes. Then, you can place these hand-made tiles near your river, creating vast expanses of meadows, deserts, canyons, fields, farms, and forests. Suddenly, you’re collecting cattle, gold nuggets, and cowboys tied to your tiles.

Moon River game

With his puzzle pieces, Moon River Enriches mechanism Kindomino I pray with an extra level of resolution which I love. It also adds a mischievous side that allows you to land some low blows to opponents; I could do without it, but that’s a minor consideration.

I really enjoyed the previous part of this series, Kendomino Originswith cavemen and evolving levels. Moon River It stands out just as much, making this newest release a very attractive option for families and new players. Simply choose your favorite theme: Wild West or Prehistoric Era? You can’t go wrong…

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Accomplices game


  • 2 or 4 players | 10 years and above | beginner’s level
  • 10 to 20 minutes | $38

Colorful Accomplices (Sometimes also called Accomplices) is more of an activity than a “traditional” board game, but I found it fun and innovative enough to merit an entertaining recommendation. In this co-op game for two to four players (as a team), you take on the role of thieves who have two minutes to get to their loot, while avoiding security lasers.

However, each of you – wearing a pair of glasses equipped with a blue or red filter – sees only half of these threatening rays. Your task is therefore to communicate effectively enough to help the “staircase” thief draw a route with a felt-tip pen toward the coins and treasures and out… without crossing too far into the half-invisible rays of light.

Accomplices game

A charming concept, elegantly realized, with more challenge and replayability (16 rooms and four difficulty levels) than one might think. I imagine easily Accomplices A big hit with young players and families during holiday gatherings.


Mindbug game


  • 2 players | 8 years and above | beginner’s level
  • 15 to 25 minutes | $30 (in French version)

Imagine a duel in which the card that was supposed to give you victory is kidnapped… by your opponent who immediately uses it against you! This is the spirit mindbuga fast-paced, family-level card game that immerses players in the theme of an alien invasion.

The 54-card deck is filled with “creatures” with various powers, essential for striking your enemy, defending yourself against their attacks, or restoring life points. Without forgetting these two Mindbug cards that are able to seize the card played by the opposing party.

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Colorful and refined mindbug It creates a dynamic confrontation that brings an interesting breath to the style that has proven itself. All the fun comes from choosing the right cards to play at the right times, after spending a moment trying to guess the opponent’s strategy. Not bad for such a small pack of cards!


What is this board games column?

Passionate about board games, I dive with you into the world of fun, taking into account the point of view of the consumer who – like me – discovers and explores this pastime.

I test board, board, dice and card games so that you can give me my recommendations and first impressions in the form of thematic ratings, suggestions for new products, meetings with creators, etc. This always provides a good place for French-language games in stores in Quebec.

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Note: These games were provided free of charge for our testing by ÎLO, which has neither received nor exercised any right to review the content of this newspaper article.