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23-storey building in Laurier Street

23-storey building in Laurier Street

ACERO Group is betting on a 23-story, $90 million real estate project on Laurier Boulevard, now a strategic location for Quebec’s future tram line.

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Much more realistic than the defunct Le Phare project, developer ACERO Groupe Immobilier plans to build another large-scale property on one of Quebec City’s major avenues.

Taking the initials of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the SWL will be located at the intersection of rue de Germain-des-Prés and rue Laurier. The developer talks about an important landmark in the area.

From January 2023, the scheduled start date, the SWL Building could become the tallest exclusive residential tower in Quebec City with 150 high-end units.

Well integrated

For example, Le Var de Quebec, an abandoned real estate project by Groupe Dallaire, would have had four towers ranging from 17 to 49 floors.

The tallest tower was supposed to house 230 apartments, 270 apartments and a 150-room hotel. This latter building was supposed to be one of the tallest in Quebec. The project was first announced in 2015, and the city halted the project in 2020.

For SWL, the planned sale will begin in the fall of 2022 and final deliveries are scheduled for 2024.

“This is a project that we have been working on for three years. We are on one of the hubs of the future tram. Laurier Boulevard will change and not only with our building. It is very important and it is realistic,” stated Benoit Raymond, President of ACERO Groupe Immobilier.

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no arguing

With a highly transparent facade, the building will offer an outside panoramic terrace on the 20th floor roof. Social acceptance does not appear to be a problem.

“We strictly meet zoning standards. It’s something we don’t have here and it will stand out. We will offer a somewhat luxurious environment in a very urban context,” adds Mr. Raymond.

According to him, it would not be surprising to see other projects of the same size on Laurier. The real estate developer explains that SWL will provide its residents with unique views of the city.

Founded by Benoît Raymond, ACERO Groupe Immobilier is a company operating in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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