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21 things to do on a road trip in Lac-Saint-Jean

21 things to do on a road trip in Lac-Saint-Jean

Sandy beaches and a large lake, whose end is (almost) never seen: these are two good reasons to explore Lac-Saint-Jean … but they are far from the only ones!

Here are some of the many experiences to plan on your next lake tour, along Route 169 and beyond.

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21 things to do at Lac-Sait-Jean this summer:

15 km of sandy beach, 45 km of bike paths and 198 campgrounds, some of them right at the water’s edge. Who says better?

2. Drink a pint of “Rang 4” or “Maringouin” in The small brewery of Lac Saint-Jean.

It is one of 14 microphones from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Beer route It is located near the famous beach of Saint-Gédéon.

3. Sail on a paddleboard or kayak to the Saint-Gédéon Islands.

You can rent equipment at the “resort”.The islands hostel, WithEquinox Aventurine.

The farm’s cheeses and chocolates under the same roof = joy.

5. Stroll on Le Rigolet beach Mtabtchuan.

One of many Sandy beaches worth seeing On the side.

6. Eat a bite (and some pictures) at the snack bar Mexican potatoes.

You will enjoy a taco or poutine in a very festive atmosphere!

The Trou de la Fée cave park is 68 meters deep, but it is also a valley, rocky side paths and even zip lines.

8. Extend your legs into the Chambord rest area.

Pause there to relax your legs and enjoy the view of Los Angeles over the lake, which is 43.8 km long and 24 km wide.

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9. See the historical village Val Galbert And Ouachuan Waterfall (higher than Niagara Falls!).

You will walk through a real deserted 1920s village, born in the glorious era of “pulp mills”.

The must-see bike path is 256 km long, but you don’t have to do all of that. Among the easy sections along Saint-Jean Lake: the Route de Roberval-Val-Gabère (7 km).

Its exhibitions will have you discover, among other things, the 6000 years of Pekuakamiulnuatsh history, the Innu of Piékouakami (or Lac Saint-Jean).

12. Pick up a bag of cheese curds in Peron Cheese Factory.

Go and sample it on the municipal beach in Saint-Prime, a few blocks away.

Boreali animals must be discovered. And don’t miss the nature trails with a “mini” train!

14. Have a drink at Not misrepresentation Beside Ashuapmushuan River.

A small brewery that produces in particular a beautiful line of organic beers, to fully discover.

15. Request “big long” from Midas.

Giant sausage is a classic at Saint-Félicien snack bar!

16. The taste of chocolate berries from the Trappist Fathers.

It is forbidden to pass through Mistacini without purchasing a box of fresh, chocolate-covered blueberries The Chocolate Factory – Shop – Economy of Trappist Parents.

Another beautiful beach! Its length is approximately 8 kilometers.

A young and little-known park, divided into different sectors, where you can hike and camp wild and beautiful Trips In a dinghy.

Located in L’Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur (!), This park houses 2,000 species of plants from all over the world, a small farm and picnic areas.

20. Take a stroll in the regions of Isle-Maligne and Riverbend, in Alma.

Find out their story Thanks to these two “discover my podcast”.

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21. Picking blueberries.

If you’ve been there during the season, why not? Here Some options About in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

And a bonus for those who continue the journey to Saguenay:

22. Go get a ‘two tortillas’ at the source.

Do you remember this quote from “Tourtière du Lac”? That caused a sensation in Christmas 2020? The Baron BBQ restaurant, its inventor, is located in Saint-Ambroise, 30 minutes from Alma.

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