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2021 Africa Cup of Nations: Jean Lambert Nang decries Paul Biya

2021 Africa Cup of Nations: Jean Lambert Nang decries Paul Biya

Former journalist on duty c RTV He does not comprehend the fact that the Presidency of the Republic has included the French colleague of Canal + Philippe Doucet in the delegation that visits the infrastructure of the Arab Republic of Egypt can 2021.

Overall reaction of Jean Lambert Nang

So there is no better media ambassador than France’s Philippe Doucet to promote Can Total Energies 2021 on behalf of Cameroon. !

My authorities brought the descendant of the former settler to show him the infrastructure to be used in Can. It is as if the voice of the French alone bears witness to the tremendous efforts made by Cameroon to welcome the footballing planet next January.

Mr. Doucet walks from the stadium to the stadium, by plane or in modern limousines and serves himself meals from the finest restaurants. It carries the sound of France and that sound is important in the tropics. When he said that all is well, only then from that moment on will the whole world believe in Cameroon’s ability to organize can in his lands.

Therefore, Mr. Doucet is an indispensable and not guaranteed condition. The colonial compound still does well in the tropics. We trust a white-skinned journalist more than pure products are trained in local schools, often used as strength drums.

Is it necessary to remember that all the millions spent, to conquer or buy the support of Philippe Doucet, are at a loss or at least do not at all correspond to what is expected of a journalist whose voice is not heard? in his own country and even less in the rest of Europe.

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Mr. Doucet works independently at Canal + Afrique and speaks only to African subscribers. The exact opposite of a journalist on Canal2 speaking from Yaounde, was captured on satellite beams all over the world.

It is with Doucet as with all those other white witches who roam the paneled palaces and beloved halls of the Black Continent where they worship the divine. In the name of their skin color !

Jean Lambert Nang