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20 years later, José Lavijour's Salut Bonjour's end is hanging out

20 years later, José Lavijour’s Salut Bonjour’s end is hanging out

Monday, September 5, was the start of what will be the thirty-fifth season of Hello good Morning. Like every year, some faces are added to the group, but others leave too, as is the case for José Lavigor.

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On Monday, the morning show team posted a post on their Facebook account to kick off the new season. There are many photos of columnists and collaborators in the gallery.

In the comments, many people commented on how much they appreciated the team and how great it was to see them all together.

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On the other hand, some have noted that familiar faces did not appear in any photo, such as that of Jose Lavigor. In the comments, a person who for 20 years will be part of a large family of Hello good Morning As a columnist for all things training, health, and wellbeing, I wanted to answer everyone who’s wondered why we didn’t see her in pictures.

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“Hello friends. Yes, it is true that I would like to be with you in this picture. I love this great team! No regrets and no hard feelings of course. Everything changes and that’s fine. 35 Happy! Great! I will do 20 seasons… It’s crazy right? I wrote “hug you”.

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It is possible to follow Josée Lavigueur in all her projects on her social networks As well as on her website.

At the same time new faces have been added to the daily meeting team, In a week as such in the weekend.

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