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$20 million in gold stolen from Toronto Pearson Airport

Police have confirmed a massive theft of more than $20 million worth of gold and high-value assets took place this week at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

The container included a high-value cargo that contained gold, but not only. There were other valuables as well. The total value of the theft is estimated at just over $20 million, Peel Regional Police Inspector Stephen Duvestein confirmed at a news conference last night.

The flight was to take place on Monday evening, after the landing of a plane whose company was not disclosed so as not to harm the investigation. The origin of the theft has not been revealed for the same reasons.

“As per normal procedures, the aircraft was unloaded and the cargo was removed from the aircraft to a cargo storage facility,” the inspector added.

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The policeman told the media that after the shipment was placed in a safe place it was allegedly stolen by “illegal means”.

The theft was reported shortly thereafter and an investigation was launched.

“It is something very rare,” he added.

According to the Toronto Sun, 3,600 pounds of gold, or 1,633 kg, could have been stolen.

At the moment, no arrests have been made on this event which would be an ‘isolated incident’. Regarding the looting, the police do not yet know its whereabouts or if it is still in the country.

“Our goal is to quickly resolve this investigation,” added the agent, who confirmed that his teams are looking into all possible avenues.