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144,000 GM mosquitoes will be released soon

In the face of the spread of diseases such as Zika, dengue and yellow fever, the United States has decided to test a new method that the authorities want to reduce the number of mosquitoes responsible for these diseases. Aedes aegypti It is the target of the US health authorities, and more precisely in Florida. It is famous for its temperate climate, suitable for breeding insects and other pests.

The recent outbreak of Zika must have something to do with it. U.S. health authorities will release transgenic mosquitoes into the wild that will aim to reduce the population reaching the chain NBC News. This mosquito is genetically engineered not to bite humans, but also to mate with female bites and breed other mosquitoes that will not survive.

With this process, the new generation of mosquitoes born from the two aforementioned will not survive long, ultimately reducing the population dramatically, according to the scientists. «As resistance to some of our current control methods has developed, we need new tools to fight this mosquito.» Confirmed Andrea LyellOne of the scientists responsible for the project. This method has already proven its value in Brazil, where there has already been a decrease in the mosquito population in a city Perracecaba.

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