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13 times in the emergency room in two months

13 times in the emergency room in two months

A 76-year-old patient was admitted 13 times to the emergency room at Pierre Boucher Hospital over a two-month period, in Longueuil, on Montreal’s south shore.

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Despite the patient’s many visits, each time she had to start the long waiting process again.

Marie-José Sanssouci, daughter of Liz Sansouci, believes that her mother deserves more adequate health services.

She had to come to check in again yesterday, as if she hadn’t seen anyone in the emergency room. I think they’ve been watching her a lot since May 8, so I thought that being in the hospital for a few days could help her (…) I’m sorry! She is currently in pain. Every time a new doctor sees her,” confirms Marie-José.

Ms. Sansouci’s health deteriorated for some time, particularly in her lungs.

In order to provide a respite for patients who have to go to the emergency room on a regular basis, the President and Director General of the Patient Protection Board, Paul Brunet, offers some possible solutions.

“Why, as we have long suggested, can’t we treat elderly people with a loss of mobility at home? When we do, there is no crisis in the emergency room. The person is cared for at home in comfort and safety. This does not make a mess in rooms Emergency and hospital beds. I don’t understand why we didn’t start doing that,” he said.

Officials at Pierre Boucher Hospital are discussing the possibility of deploying a home care team to care for Lise Sansouci.

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When we have people who often come to the emergency room, we take care of them. The team takes care to carefully analyze their needs to prevent these people from returning,” explains Catherine Burgolt-Polin, Director of Communications at CISSS de la Montérégie-Est.

The lady reminds us to avoid going to the hospital emergency room on Thursday due to the 160% occupancy rate.