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1,256 students benefited

1,256 students benefited

The activities organized by the Beer Museum in schools north of Meuse on the occasion of Flag Day have just ended.

The workshops that, due to their success, greatly exceeded the week frame devoted to this event in early October. In Stenay alone, all schools were able to receive the intervention of the intermediaries of the Museum Céline Plane and Quentin Gérard. From Corliss nursery to the school town via the schools of Albert Toussaint and Sainte-Marie, mediators also enter the surrounding schools of Linoville, Montmedy, Mouzay, Don, Jouven, and even the College of Damvilliers.

From the exhibition “Nature Planet”

Five themes inspired by the Planet Nature exhibit were introduced to schools about animals, manure, energies, planets and pollen.

Celine explains that this year, due to the Covid virus, we have offered to carry out activities directly in schools to avoid health traffic problems. Suddenly we had a huge success: 60 classes in total or 1256 students! “

Of the five themes prepared for the occasion, two will be presented throughout the year as they may be related to the Museum’s collections: energies, technical advances in brewing methods, and the study of plants associated with the Museum’s garden.

Making electricity with lemon

Just cut the lemon in half. Then put a copper strip and a zinc strip in each lemon half. Next, you have to connect the lemon to electrical wires and put the LED on. In lemons, a chemical reaction is formed that is invisible to the naked eye, which releases electrons. These electrons will travel in the lemon juice and into the wires, creating an electric current that can light the bulb.

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