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10,500 spectators at Bell Center: Public Health is not keen on the idea of ​​exception

10,500 spectators at Bell Center: Public Health is not keen on the idea of ​​exception

It is “extremely sensitive” to make an exception to health restrictions, for example allowing the Bell Center to accommodate 10,500 supporters, summed up the public health strategic medical advisor, Dr.s Richard Massey.

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A few hours before the announcement of the government’s decision on the CH group’s order, the world spoke on Wednesday about the possibility of setting a precedent in the field of major events.

Groupe CH announced Tuesday that it has formally asked the government to accommodate 10,500 spectators at the Bell Center for its domestic Stanley Cup Final matches. However, the rules currently in place limit large organized gatherings to a maximum of 3,500 people.

But the Bell Center’s two million square feet of space, the experience developed over the months since the pandemic began, and the promise to continue wearing a mask are among the arguments Canadians have made.

“I think the government understands the dangers of doing these things [une exception] Because after that, people will say: But I am also, I am able to have similar conditions, ”but Dr. Massi replied, Wednesday, on the sidelines of a press conference about the return of officials face to face.

Dr. Richard Massey

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Dr. Richard Massey

«[Il y a] Montreal Canadiens, but we have CF Montreal and football clubs and there, I can go on, the streak is long. And there are the arts and performances where some need a large audience due to the costs, for example for operas or concerts.”

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However, the public health expert suggested that the terms of such an exemption from al-Kindi could also be granted for other events.

“We, the exceptions, are not very strong [là-dessus], because rather we tend to be consistent,” he decided, though.

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