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10,000 counterfeit $2 coins seized in Canada

10,000 counterfeit $2 coins seized in Canada

An Ontario man has been charged after nearly 10,000 counterfeit $2 coins were found circulating in Canada.

An investigation reportedly began in the summer of 2021 after the Royal Canadian Mint discovered an “ongoing counterfeit coin case through a random sampling process,” CTV News reported Monday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they have arrested Daehyun Hee, a 68-year-old man from Richmond Hill, and charged him with uttering false money and possession of counterfeit money.

Police said the Royal Canadian Mounted Police seized about 10,000 counterfeit coins, but there may still be counterfeit coins in circulation.

Police reported that small details of the bear’s feet were altered on the counterfeit coins. The main drawback that distinguishes them is the presence of a “split toe” on the right front paw of the polar bear, which looks like a “claw”.

“The unique properties of Canadian coins make them some of the safest in the world and have allowed these counterfeits to be quickly identified and removed from circulation,” said James Malaysia, Vice President of Security for the Royal Canadian Mint. In a statement Monday. The Royal Canadian Mint will continue to work closely with financial institutions and the RCMP to ensure the safety of the Canadian currency supply.”

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