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10 year plan to become AI Super Power

10 year plan to become AI Super Power


The UK government has unveiled a 10-year plan to transform the country into a global artificial intelligence superpower. The UK wants to compete with the US and China.

Encourage the use of AI among businesses across the country

This national artificial intelligence strategy is designed Increase the use of AI among businesses across the country, But not only. The program also providesAttract international investment In UK AI companies and Develop the next generation of local technology skills. This national AI strategy involves many projects, reports and initiatives. For example, a new national AI research and innovation project will be launched as part of the initiative Promoting coordination and collaboration between researchers across the country.

The other is particularly targeted Supports the development of AI outside London and the Southeast UKMost AI efforts in the country are currently concentrated. For industries such as energy and agriculture, the government says it can because it has not yet made full use of AI Allocate more investment and resources. There will also be a review of the availability and capability of computer power for UK researchers and organizations. In addition, a AI Copyright and Patent Consulting Be purposeful Evaluate how the UK capitalizes on ideas.

Different reactions to the project

The UK wants to become an AI superpower

An AI researcher from a large technology company is surprised. Will the government help integrate the best doctoral students, postgraduates and young professors in our universities? Currently, they do not. Will there be more pressure on public universities to retain or obtain top teachers at all seniority levels as a competitive fund? Will individuals who engage in spin-out and start-up have higher taxation on low incomes for a few years? Currently, it is very expensive due to the rise of AI.


Over the past few years, the government seems to have made more efforts to destroy the UK instead of encouraging research and entrepreneurship to become an attractive destination. Nathan Benoit, the venture boss of Air Street Capital, says he is Hope. The plan, he said, could Enable the capabilities of AI From the United Kingdom. Said Sepp Grier, senior policy analyst at the Stanford Cyber ​​Research CenterThere were some promising aspects to the national AI strategy. Lila Ibrahim, COO of Deep Mind, meanwhile, said it was good to have a clear focus on effective technology management, adding that it was essential to gain the trust of the public and businesses on AI.

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