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10 Spring Break Ideas Every Student Will Appreciate

Spring means so many things for everyone. The pleasant weather, blooms, and cafes aside, for students, it is also a welcoming break from the hassle of college life.

If you are making plans for spring break, here are some ideas for you to gather some inspiration.

1. Plan a Trip

As you might have expected, at the top of our list is a strong recommendation to travel. With the effects of the pandemic slowing down, many countries are opening up their borders for international tourists. As a student, you will be able to bag a few discounts that can help you reduce the cost of the trip.

That said, you need not travel abroad at all. You can also use the time to visit some local destinations and choose to spend quality time there. And not to worry, if you have some pending assignments to take care of, at affordable prices. This will let you take a much-deserved vacation for a few days without having to worry about academics.

2. Take a Cruise

If you want to try out a different mode of traveling, why not try taking a cruise? Spring is a fantastic season for cruising, and you will find several companies offering group tour discounts for students. You will also be able to choose between international and local destinations, depending on your budget as well as travel duration.

That said, you should bear in mind that the pandemic is not over yet. So, make sure to check what the new rules of traveling are at your chosen destinations. Even if you are just going to visit the next state, you might have to follow a different set of guidelines while there.

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3. Go to a Concert

The spring is the time for many popular music festivals across the world – such as Coachella, Electric Daisy, and plenty more. If you are a music enthusiast, take advantage of this time to go to the ultimate music experience with your friends.

And if you shall rather stay home, you will also be able to stream many live shows across multiple platforms. Whether you want to dance away or be a couch potato, this strategy will allow you to enjoy the experience without having to be at the venue.

4. Read a Book or Two

No, we haven’t totally forgotten those who would like to curl up with a book. Spring break for bibliophiles might be the perfect time to finish all those books you’ve started a while back. And you can go out hunting for more. If you are looking to resurrect your love for reading, spring vacation gives you plenty of time to do that.

5. Do an Internship

Some of you might also be looking at spring break as an opportunity to get a headstart on your career journey. And it is never too early to do that. You can start applying for internships at your top companies, but you should plan early for that.

Alternatively, you can also use the spring break to do some research and apply for summer internship positions. This will give you ample time to prepare for interviews and bag a role at your preferred organizations before the positions get filled or the applications start pouring in.

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6. Do Volunteer Work

Another way to make use of your free time is to contribute to the community. You can even join an organization and travel to another country to volunteer. There are several NGOs accepting students, which can also turn out to be a great networking opportunity.

Moreover, these days, many employers consider the voluntary work you do as valid job experience. So, in case an internship does not pan out, you can look at volunteering for its multifold advantages.

7. Get Active

While in college, you might not have found sufficient time to engage in outdoor physical exercises. Well, spring break can make up for that. Use this time to get fit, and stay active, even if you are at home. This will help you to continue the pace once you return to college.

And if you are outdoorsy, you can also join meetups that do yoga, HIIT training, Tai Chi, or other activities – whatever your liking is.

8. Revamp Your Closet

If you struggle in the mornings to put an outfit together, then use your spring break to get creative. You can do some thrift shopping to find budget-friendly pieces that will give a new touch to your style.

And while at it, you might want to take a second look at that closet and organize it. As Mary Kondo would say, you should get rid of or rather donate items that no longer bring you any joy. You will thank yourself for a clean, airy closet, at least until it gets cluttered again.

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9. Visit Local Neighborhoods

There is a high chance that you might have skipped a museum, a library, or a gallery in your town just because it was always there. But now, you might take a different view of it. If you do not want to travel anywhere else, you can be more environmentally conscious and give back to the local community.

You can even go to a nearby park or forest to have a picnic in the glorious weather of spring. Such day trips can break down your vacation without leaving you feeling that there is very little time for anything.

10. Spend Time With Your Family

If you are staying in your college room, you know how terrible it can be to stay away from your family. So, during your spring break, find some time for them too. Whether traveling together, cooking together, playing games, or simply watching a movie, encourage everyone to join in.

Thankfully, spring break is not too far. So, get all the planning done to get through the next few weeks so that you can make the most of the break when it finally arrives.