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10 items qui décoreront avec douceur votre nouvel appart' suite à votre déménagement de jeudi!

10 Items That Will Gently Decorate Your New Apartment After You Move In On Thursday!

Whoever said June 29, says move! Many Montrealers will find a new nest this week, and it’s time for a big change. Living in a new space can be exciting at times, and stressful at times, but with new furniture or just new decorative accessories, it’s all so much more fun!

That’s great, because a bunch of new products are coming IKEA July 1. This month’s set is especially warm and will allow you to be supremely comfortable in your new cocoon. Rich, earthy tones, rustic natural materials, modular shapes and chrome accents are especially emphasized. Even if it’s the beginning of summer, these items will add a nice touch of softness and comfort to get you ready for the fall season.

Here are our favorite items that will be available online and in stores starting July 1st:

PEDERSBORG Rug, flatwoven

attributed to him: IKEA

PEDERSBORG rug design includes both visual and tactile elements, thanks to its thick texture. The rug is made of natural wool and wool dyed in brown and features a color palette that magnifies and lights up all rooms.


attributed to him: IKEA

The HILLEGÄRD throw is a meaningful handmade piece inspired by traditional techniques and modern design, which provides income for rustic artisans. Made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, the dome is not only a great way to decorate your home, but it’s also a wise and durable choice.

BRUNSTARR cushion cover

attributed to him: IKEA

Sometimes all you need to complete a space is a simple decorative pillow. Let the BRUNSTARR pillowcase transport you to a faraway destination; A rich land of colour, warm colours, the scent of fresh cinnamon and spicy coffee.

RÖMSK Cache-pot

attributed to him: IKEA
Between $1.99 and $6.99

DRÖMSK plant pot comes in different sizes and can be used alone as a decorative piece or combined with others for a unique effect. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

SIESJÖN . bath towel

attributed to him: IKEA
Between $3.99 and $9.99

Towels are used every day, and even now, finding the right model can be difficult and cumbersome. Wrap yourself in the comfort and warmth that SIESJÖN towels deserve. Available in four sizes, these bathroom-inspired towels are stylish and comfortable. Plus, their light weight and absorbent nature make them more practical than standard towels in temperate climates.

BLÅKULLEN quilted bed frame with corner headboard

attributed to him: IKEA

We don’t know very well that houses and apartments are getting smaller and smaller. Do you have a small space? We have the perfect solution for you: BLÅKULLEN quilted bed frame. It is spacious enough to give you a good night’s rest and can be adjusted easily تعديل
to your daily activities, such as reading. The first of its kind, the single bed frame redefines the placement of beds for small spaces. In addition, it also makes an excellent foldable bed.


attributed to him: IKEA
$3.99 or $9.99

Something as easy as adding the right vase can enhance your decor, but imagine what a dual-purpose vase could do. CHILIFRUKT watering can is a unique modern concept. It can be used to display beautiful flowers or water plants, as it can hold up to 1.2 liters of water.

ODONVIDE heavy blanket


Thanks to the soothing feel of this heavy blanket, you can finally sleep peacefully without having to count the sheep.

NORDMÄRKE Wireless Charging Station

attributed to him: IKEA

The wireless charging station keeps your phone at the perfect angle so you can check recipes while cooking or view incoming calls and messages while your device is charging.

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