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1/4 episode of The 20th Century Podcast Moral Philosophies

From Levinas to Sartre, crossing English and American moral philosophy and exploring some lesser-known works, With Philosophy invites you on a journey into the land of 20th-century moral philosophies founded on ethics and theory. good In the first episode of this series, Geraldine Muhlmann And his guests are curious A rich reflection on morality in the United Kingdom.

Why and How: Philosophy

3 minutes

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Talk about it

Monique Canto-SperberPhilosopher, Emeritus Research Director of the CNRS, Foreign Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium and Executive Chairman of the Evens Foundation.

Regarding the program’s content, he specifically published:

Ali BenmakhloufPhilosopher, Professor at Val-de-Marne University in Paris-Est Cret, Beau Paris Sciences and Free University of Brussels.

Regarding the program’s content, he specifically published:

Sound notes

  • Bertrand Russell Archive, “A message to posterity”, interview by John Freeman, “Face to Face” for the BBC, 1959
  • Music by Led Zeppelin, “What Is and What Should Be”, 1969

How How: Philosophy

All the stories of Frederick Worms should be heard


Why and How: Philosophy

3 minutes

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