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πŸ”Ž Uridine Monophosphate – Definition and Explanations

an introduction

uridine monophosphate
The structure of uridine monophosphate
Notoh issue 58-97-9
Notoh inix 200-408-0
Chemical properties
brute formula against9h13Not2a9s
Mass (The term mass is used to designate two quantities connected into one…) molar 324.1813 Β± 0.0112 g mol-1
pKa 1.0; 6.4; 9.5
physical properties
temperature fusion (In physics and mineralogy, fusion is the transition of an object from a solid state to a …) 202 Celsius Dec
SI and CNTP units, except for indication (A signal (from the Latin pointer: to indicate) is advice or a recommendation, written…) Reverse.

L ‘uridine monophosphate where 5-uridylic acid (UMP), is a nucleotide found in RNA. this sleep (In chemistry, the ester function defines a group of atoms formed from a carbon atom…) Fromphosphoric acid (Phosphoric acid is a phosphorous-based oxidant with the formula H3PO4. It is a triple acid…) With the uridine nucleoside. UMP consists of a group phosphate (Phosphate in inorganic chemistry is the salt of phosphoric acid produced by attack…)From ribose (Ribose is an aldopentose (aldo-type pentose), a goose made up of…) (pentose), and uracil.

biological role

In RNA, the nucleotide uridine, or “U”, is the thymidine analog (T) in DNA, from which it differs only by one methyl, present on T and absent on U. Such conjugation withadenosine (Adenosine is a nucleoside that is formed when adenine binds to…), the AU pairs of RNA are similar to the AT pairs of DNA. In addition, uridine can form “wobble” pairs with guanosine. These GU oscillating pairs interfere with file decoding genetic code (The genetic code defines the messaging system that ran during…) By tRNAs, at the level ofinteraction (An interaction is the exchange of information, influences or energy between two agents within…) codon anticodone.

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