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πŸ”Ž France – Definition and Explanations

πŸ”Ž France – Definition and Explanations


Lyon Saint Exupery Airport, Marseille Provence Airport.

International Air Transport Association
International Civil Aviation Organization
call sign
French sun or France sun (The sun (sol in Latin, Helios or Ήλιος in Greek) is the star…)
Historical monuments
Date created 2007
which is based in Paris (Paris is a French city, the capital of France and the capital of the region…) Orly
Other basics Nantes Atlantic Airport (Nantes Atlantic Airport is located in the territory of the communes of Bouknes and …)And

Lyon Saint Exupery Airport (Lyon Saint Exupery Airport (IATA code: LYS β€’ ICAO code: …)And Marseille Provence Airport (Marseille Provence Airport (IATA code: MRS β€’ code …).

Fleet size 9
number of destinations 35
Head office Parai Old Post
Officials Lionel Guerin
Website France that it Airline (An airline is an air carrier that carries…) at low cost (low cost), which is a 100% subsidiary of the Group Air France-KLM (The Air France-KLM group is a Franco-Dutch alliance that brings together two companies …) (60% Air France (Air France (officially Air France) (IATA: AF β€’ ICAO: AFR…) and 40% She performed it First flight (The first flight or first flight of an airplane is its first chance…) May 12, 2007 from Paris Orly to Porto. France operates flights to leisure destinations from Paris, Nantes, Lyon and now Marseille.


  • 9 Boeing (Boeing (official English name The Boeing Company) is one of the largest manufacturers…) 737-800 (F-GZHV, F-GZHA, F-GZHN, F-GZHB, F-GZHC, F-GZHD, F-GZHE, F-GZHF, PH-HZO).
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The average age of the fleet is 4.2 years. The oldest is 9 years and the newest is 1 year.

737-800 F-GZHV au Leaves (Take-off is the transitional stage during which an aircraft passes from the country…) in Orly

Unscheduled destinations France It also operates charter flights upon request.

regular destinations

Europe – Krakow, Fuerteventura (Fuerteventura, formerly known as Fortaventure in French, is an island in Spain…)And Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria, in Spanish Gran Canaria, is the island of Spain located in the ocean …)And Lanzarote (Lanzarote, formerly called Lancerote in French, is an island in Spain…)And Palermo (Palermo (Palermo in Sicily, Palermo in Italian) is an Italian city, capital and largest …)Porto, Seville, Tenerife, Rhodes (Rhodes (Ancient Greek αΏ¬ΟŒΞ΄ΞΏΟ‚ / Rhodes, modern …)And Madeira (Madeira (in Portuguese: Madeira) is an archipelago of Portugal consisting of an island …)And Catania (Catania (Catania) is a city in the province of the same name in Sicily, Italy. Namely …)heraklion, Ibiza (Ibiza (official name in Catalan: “Evisa”) is a Spanish island…)Olbia, Reykjavik

Asia – Antalya Izmir.

Africa -Agadir, Djerba (Djerba, sometimes spelled Djerba (Arabic: ΪͺΨ±ΩΎΨ§), is…)Hurghada, Luxor, Marrakech, Monastir, Oujda, Tozeur, Fez

Europe – Heraklion, Madeira, Porto and Mallorca.

Africa – Djerba, Marrakech and Monastir.

Europe – Heraklion.

Africa – Djerba and Monastir.

  • since Marseille: (from November 4, 2010)

Africa – Monastir.